Authorized Distributor of Boveda / Humidipak for Herbal Applications

Now Available in 62% RH!

Fresh Solution is happy to announce the availability of the new 62% Humidipak, specifically for Herbal Meds.

The same sophisticated tests that indicate the ideal water content of a given item has been done on various herbal strains and it’s been determined from a scientific standpoint that 62% is the ideal storage humidity for herbal medicine. This is reinforced by the fact that herbal storage at 62% maximizes smell, taste, color, texture and burn rate. And once you’ve cured medicine at 62%, you’ll find you’ve stepped into a new reality. You can now successfully store medicine indefinitely within the precise freshness window as long as you have an air tight container and a 62% Humidipak.


Why Choose Boveda

2-way humidity control

2-way humidity control works by continually responding and adjusting to the outside temperature and climate by either adding or removing humidity—as needed—to maintain a predetermined level of relative humidity (RH) inside of packages and containers. Maintaining an ideal and constant relative humidity means your product will not lose or gain any moisture. Instead, it will be maintained at its ideal moisture level throughout its intended shelflife and/or usage-life. It will never encounter any moisture fluctuations along the way.

Environmentally friendly

The foundation of the technology is based on a property well known to physical chemists. It combines the formulation of a saturated solution of a soluble substance designed to maintain a specific level of relative humidity. The product consists of a gelled, saturated solution that is filled into a pouch (or other form) with very high water-vapor transmission permeability—but does not allow liquid-water to pass through or leak into the container.

Consistent RH

Boveda is different than all other technologies with accuracy to +/- 1% as it responds to climate changes. Any product or material placed into a container with a Boveda inside will be kept at the desired humidity level. If the humidity in the chamber falls below the desired level, water-vapor will pass into the chamber to restore the humidity. Also, if the humidity is greater than the desired level, the Boveda will absorb enough of the excess moisture to restore the desired humidity.

Who we Are

Fresh Solution is a privately-held corporation based in Anaheim, CA and founded with the purpose of the application of technology to herbal cures. We support research and thedevelopment of similar applications of Boveda’s technology in herbal and generic medicines and supplements.